Featherweight TV

Featherweight TV

About the Show

Featherweight is making a TV show. Be a part of the LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE!

Set in an alternate universe, the Magnet Theater is a different place, and familiar faces have changed. Noel is a gun enthusiast, Blake is a privileged, but struggling actor. Justin is a self-proclaimed genius. Jess is a hipster. Elana is a school teacher. Jared is a part-time a drug dealer. And Jesse is...complex. Each episode is based on the real life improv, of the real life Featherweight. Your classic case of art imitating life imitating FEATHERWEIGHT. Confused yet... we are too. This half-hour television show brings what the seven members do on and off the stage to life. And while their lives are fiction, the Improv is real.

And it all starts with the taping of an amazing improv show!

Be There!