I Eat Pandas

I Eat Pandas

About the Show

In just minutes, Eliza Skinner and Glennis McMurray do what it takes Andrew Lloyd Webber YEARS to do: crap out a hit musical from start to finish. With one audience suggestion, the ladies of I Eat Pandas improvise three entire musicals in under an hour - complete with dancing and melodrama. Along with their pianist, the trio belts out original, hilarious, and surprisingly catchy songs on the fly.

I Eat Pandas is Glennis McMurray & Eliza Skinner, two NY & LA-based actresses, writers and comedians. In 2007 they were named Best Improv Group at NY's ECNY Awards and were again nominated in 2008 for Best Musical Act. NY Daily News' Sean McCarthy calls I Eat Pandas the "best musical improv either side of the Hudson" and The Onion marvels at their skills saying, "If improv seems like magic to the untrained eye, I Eat Pandas would probably appear to be levitating over the Grand Canyon."