Rent a Rehearsal Room at Magnet – Sizes, Rates, Policies and Pics!


Sizes & Pics / Rates / Policies

Magnet Training Center is located at 22 W 32nd Street, 10th Floor, between 5th and Broadway.


When Can I Reserve A Room for Rehearsal?

Classrooms can be reserved up to two calendar months in advance.  What does that mean?  It means on January 1st, we will show availability up to February 28th on our reservation tool (more on that below).  On February 1st, we open up reservations until March 31st.  On March 1st, you can make a reservation for dates up until April 30th. And so on, based on availability.
For any comments or questions please call our office: 212-244-2400

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

You may pay by credit card only.  We do not accept cash. You can pay online through the reservation tool (explained below) after your reservation is confirmed (also explained below).

What Are The Rates?

We have a pretty simple rate structure – our classrooms are available when we’re not using them for classes, which means availability mostly falls within weekday discounted ‘Off-Peak’ rates.

The only time that ‘Peak’ rates apply are Monday-Thursday 6pm-10pm and weekends 11am to 11pm. But since that’s when we usually hold Magnet classes, rooms are rarely available between 7-10pm – but it is possible so check back on the calendar if you’re interested in a Monday-Thursday booking between 6-11pm.

Monday -Thursday 11am-6pm

Friday 11am-11pm

During these times enjoy our discounted rates!

Classroom A – $20.00 an hour

Classrooms B, C, D, H & I – $20.00 an hour

Classrooms G & J – $15.00 an hour

Classrooms E, F – $15.00 an hour


Monday-Thursday 6pm-11pm

Saturday & Sunday 11am-11pm

Classroom  A – $35.00 an hour

Classrooms B, C, D, H, & I – $25.00 an hour

Classrooms G & J – $25.00 an hour

Classrooms  E & F – $20.00 an hour

What Types Of Activities Are Allowed?

All our classrooms are carpeted, and ideally suited to improv rehearsals, group meetings, scene rehearsals, scene study classes and writing sessions.  They are not used for dance rehearsals (remember, they are carpeted), or movement classes.  They are not available for use with exercise or fitness classes or anything that requires loud music to be played.

Cancellation Policy

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. This allows you to cancel with at least 24 hours notice without payment.  If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay your full rate.

Need to See More?

We love our classrooms.  Below you’ll see photos of them!

We hope to see you soon!

Room Sizes and Descriptions

Biggest Room

Classroom A  – This room is 21’ x 35’. It has a raised wood stage with a naked wood flat upstage center.  There is an electronic keyboard, basic stage lights, sound system and basic light and sound boards.  The room capacity is 50 people, there are 40 chairs.  This is not a performance space where you can put up a show.  It is not a theater, but it is great for larger rehearsals.

This is a photo of Room A

$20.00 an hour ($35.00 an hour ‘Peak’)

Large Classrooms

Classrooms B, C, H, I,  – These are rooms are all approximately 20’ x 18’. Each is equipped with 18 chairs and has a 22 person capacity. These rooms are ideal for improv rehearsal, casting sessions, scene rehearsals and larger group meetings.


This is a photo of Room I

$20.00 an hour ($25.00 an hour ‘Peak’)

Mid-Size Classrooms

Classroom Room D – This is mid-sized classroom, approximately 21’ x 18’, with large frosted panel windows. This room is equipped with an electronic piano. The room capacity is 22 people.

This is a photo of Classroom D

$20.00 an hour ($25.00 an hour ‘Peak’)

Classrooms G&J  – These are regular mid-sized classrooms with large clear windows. Room G is approximately 14’ x 20’ and Room J is approximately 14’ x 23’. Each classroom has enough chairs for its maximum capacity of 16 people.


This is a photo of Classroom J

$15.00 an hour ($25.00 an hour ‘Peak’)

Smaller Classrooms

Classrooms E & F – These are our smaller classrooms, ideal for writing sessions, smaller improv group rehearsals or coaching sessions. Classroom F is approximately 16’ x 12’.  Classroom E is smaller, approximately 12’ x 12’.  Each is equipped with 1 folding table enough chairs for its maximum capacity of 12 people.


This is a photo of Classroom E

$15.00 an hour ($20.00 an hour ‘Peak’)

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