Team Performance Workshops

Team Performance Workshop is where our most advanced students continue training as a member of an improv ensemble. The first section includes six weeks of classes during which students are split into two eight-person ensembles. In the second section ensembles rehearse with a coach outside of class to produce a full eight week run of shows on the Magnet Mainstage. For the first half of run, one group performs The Harold while the other performs The Piñata before switching for the second half of the run. This class is offered twice a year, from either November to February or May to August. February and August also bring opportunities to audition for placement on a Megawatt Team. For more information about Conservatory policies and an FAQ, click here. Note: Placement in Team Performance Workshop is extremely competitive and spots are limited. Prerequisite: Level Five: Intro to the Conservatory and Instructor Approval.

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