Friday May 5, 2017, 9:24am - by Megan Gray

Say hello to all of our new Spring 2017 Conservatory Circuit teams! Come see one of their shows, Fridays at 10pm, May 5 through June 16! YES!

Team Gutenberg
Micheil Yohannes
William Cybriwsky
Ann Herberger
Jamie Genoa
Chloe Werner
Mauricio Jimenez
Alex Novac
Olivia Wardwell
Coach: Benjamin Koch

Team Selleck
Steve Wilson
Simon Shannon
Kimberly Canfield
Caitlyn Drown
Claudia Toth
Veronica Venture
Bradley Weiner
Jonathan Fuchs
Coach: Anna Neu

Team Danson
Elias Colombotos
Kayleigh Reichman
Arthur Sanchez
Nathan Tillis
Catherine Montesi
Michael McFadden
Ivy Hong
Maggie Lalley
Coach: Charles Nicholson

Team Baby
Adam Solomon
Evander Duck III
Lee Hubilla
Mike E Delta
Stacy Dunn
Shaun Farrugia
Elizabeth Scafuto
Ben Jones
Coach: Fred Urfer

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