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The opening night of Company 29’s show, PS 2012, played to a sold-out crowd last night. Under the directon of Nick Benaquista, the show ran smoothly, with top-notch performances by some of the best performers at the Magnet, and effortless transitions between sketches. This was a great start for Company 29, the Magnet Theater’s very first sketch company-in-residence.

Jason Scott Quinn as the janitor

Strong writing forms the bones of PS 2012. We meet a medley of characters that hang out around the school, including Kyle, the Teach for America acolyte; Ken Burns; Peeves the butler comedian; and Dr. Magnus, Dean of Admissions at Harvard. Linda the Principal invites speakers of dubious qualifications to motivate her students. The audience is roped into participating in the “Back of the Bus After School Show On The Way To The Mall.” Sometimes all we can do is hope that you dance.

Ruby Marez as Linda The Principal

Company 29’s promising start bodes well for its future development, and we look forward to more shows. We encourage you to come see PS 2012 as soon as possible. There are only two more PS 2012 shows: tonight (Saturday, March 3rd) at 9pm, and tomorrow (Sunday, March 4th) at 9:30pm. Tickets cost a shockingly low $7, which is a bargain considering the time, effort, and rehearsal that went into the show. In addition, Company 29’s sponsor, Sixpoint Craft Ales, brought four of their most popular brews for its beer special: Bengali Tiger, Sweet Action, Righteous Ale, and Crisp.Come on down to the Magnet Theater, grab a delicious Sixpoint brewski, and see this sketch show crafted from the minds of the Magnet’s finest.

Lauren Olson, Willy Appelman, Jamaal Sedayao, and Christian Paluck get inspired.

Company 29 Presents … PS 2012

Head Writer Tim Eberle with the cast

Written By: Willy Appelman (Inspirado, Downton Abbey-Prov), Paul Barker (Horses, Dumbkowsky), Kevin Cobbs (Listen, Kid!), Tim Eberle (Brick, Alchemy), Amanda Hirsch (Think Improv), Julia Hynes (Brick, Dumbkowsky), Beth Newell (Kiss*Punch*Poem, Dumbkowsky), and Jamaal Sedayao (Brick, Turboner Bigote).

Featuring: Willy Appelman, Mike Barry (Horses), Kevin Cobbs, Nick Kanellis (Trike), Ruby Marez (Aquarius), Peter McNerney (Trike), Lauren Olson (Chet Watkins), Christian Paluck (Chet Watkins), Rachel Rauch (Leviathan), Jamaal Sedayao, Jason Scott Quinn (Grappler), and Ross Taylor (Aquarius, The Wrath).

Directed By: Nick Benaquista (Lead McEnroe)

Photos: M. Woody Fu

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