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The Armando Diaz Experience! Choral Rage! New Musical Teams!

Magnet Theater
June 27, 2012 


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The legendary show is reborn by the man who made it famous. A rotating cast of all-stars perform scenes inspired by the masterful monologues of the man himself, the Magnet’s own, Armando Diaz.
Featuring: Tami Sagher, Ed Herbstman, Christina Gausas

Sunday, July 1st


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Join RAGE for their closing night as they dabble in the world of experimental musical improvisation and theatrical exploration.
Saturday June 30th


Level One for Experienced Improvisors


How are your fundamentals? It’s easy for experienced improvisers to underestimate the importance of the basics. The truly great performers, however, develop discipline in the fundamentals of good improv and return continuously to them for inspiration. This class is designed to bring experienced improvisers back to the beginning to reconnect with what’s essential and to develop the good habits and skills that will serve you for as long as you continue to improvise. Prerequisite: A year or more of improv training.





Congratulations to the new Musical Megawatt teams!
Get ready for the
Tuesday, July 10th premieres!

Chano Garcia
John Heffley
T.J. Mannix
Maya Deshmukh
Robin Rothman
Joel Arandia
Brad Benson
Ren McDermott
Richard Dery
Oleg Slinin
Shaun Farrugia
Chris Simpson
Olivia Petzy
Andrew Cornelius
Ariana Murphy
Susan Pickover
Kirk Damato
Leslie Collins
Roman Pietrs
Douglas Widdick
Gretchen Poole
Lorraine Cink
Jordan Hirsch
Abby Holland
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