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In celebration of its 7th Anniversary, Magnet held its first completely ridiculous and ironically meaningful award ceremony. It was the 1st Annual Maggie Awards and everyone played fell into their appropriate roles immediately; the winners were falsely modest and the nominees who lost pretended it was an honor just to be nominated. The presenters were sharp and read the prompter with varying degrees of skill and self conscious sexiness.

Here are some moments from the ceremony for those of you in the community who couldn’t be there, and those of you who were there and aren’t sure this actually happened.  Enjoy

Here is a video of the opening number.  Peter McNerney was our Billy Crystal, accompanied by Steve Whyte and  Joel Esher.  Also appearing in the opening number were Michael Lutton, Jen Sanders and Santa Claus. 

Click after the jump for the complete list of nominees and winners.

It was a show stopper right at the start.


The nominees are listed below, the winner is in asterisked.

 Best Laugh
-Binu Paulose
-Nick Feitel
-Louis Kornfeld*

Louis accepts on behalf of the overlooked Native American Community.

Beat Poet, Louis Kornfeld

It was a bit, said Louis, justifying his hat and glasses.

Best Property Damage
Christian Paluck for “Hole in the Door #1”
Christian Paluck for “Hole in the Door #2”* Winner
Christian Paluck for “Hole in the Wall #1”
Nick Kanellis and Russ Armstrong for “Faded Stage Right Fake Semen Stains”
Lauren Olson for “A Whole lot of Chewed Gum on the Back Wall”
Mike Berry for “Hole in the Door #3”

Christian Wins

Winner for Best Property Damage. Probably will win next year, too.

Best LINproviser
Tony Mui
Woody Fu
Catherine Wing**
Chris Simpson
Jamaal Sedayao

Wiing Wins

Best LINproviser, Catherine Wiing says, "It's objectifying, but also kind of fun."

Worst Improviser

Magnet Welcomes Everyone.  That is clear.  But it’s still fair to acknowledge there are some people who live on a different planet and sometimes that planet happens to collide with our Improv Theater.  They aren’t interested in Improvising.  They are interested in… we’ll never know.  In celebration of their twisted desire to be on our stage without one ounce of awareness regarding their inappropriate motives, we present the nominees for Worst Improviser.

Lady at Mixer with Crippling stage fright***
Trust-fund coke head at the Mixer who thinks *you’re* the one who’s fucking up
Crazy homeless guy who falls asleep in the drop-in class
Karsten Cross
Catchphrase guy at Mixer

Lauren Olsen if she were terrified

Terrified to be onstage, portrayed by a Lauren Olsen who makes no eye contact nor speaks. It's awkward.

Best Person

Carl Olson
Robin Rothman
Quinton Loder***
Bianca Casusol
The Entire Magnet Community

Ed Herbstman

Magnet Co-Founder Ed Herbstman presents the Best Person Award.

Best Person Award

Quinton Loder, from The Boss, is as surprised as the rest of us.


The Armando Diaz Improvised Award
Alex Marino’s beard***

Magnet Co-Founder Armando Diaz

Magnet Co-Founder Armando Diaz awards "Thing I'm most afraid of" to Alex Marino's Beard.

Alex accepted his award by allowing his beard to read a poem by Dave Pasquesi.

Alex Marino

Alex reads from his recently published literary magazine.

Thank you to all who have helped build this theater and community with their time, energy, sense of humor, and commitment to the values of great improvisation, onstage and off.  Let’s do another 7.  Then 7 more after that.  But 21 is it.


At the after party, there was dancing that sort of looks like a stock photo but isn't.



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