Sunday March 30, 2014, 9:30pm - by Magnet Theater
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We’re excited to announce our new additions to Musical Megawatt, New Team Hall and New Team Oates!  Both teams will be debuting Tuesday, April 1st at Musical Megawatt, where there will be Magnet drink specials and an after party at Walter’s (389 8th Ave).

New Team Hall
Brad Benson
John de Guzman
Damon Ketron
Miles Lindahl
Amanda Mayer
Ariana Murphy
Steve Whyte 

New Team Oates
Henry Russell Bergstein
Eitan Levine
Maggie Morris
Nathan Peterman
Mollie Roth
Eric Tang
Catherine Wing
Kathleen Armenti
Nikita Burdein
Jennifer Connor
Tom Dunlap
Stephanie Griffith
Alex Tracy
Stefan Wenger

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