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What is it?


Inspirado is the only improv competition in the world!

Two teams randomly choose a challenge, then they compete. The audience votes on the winner. Challenges inspire. Inspiration leads to innovation. Innovation saves the world. Inspirado just saved the world.

How does it work?


Inspirado Trophy

The Dale North Memorial Improv Trophy

Each team selects a challenge at the beginning of the show that must inspire their set. There are 9 categories of challenges. Each category corresponds to a different letter in the word INSPIRADO. To become an INSPIRADO champion, a team must win a 9 weeks in a row, and must complete a challenge from each category.

I – Individual

N – Nerdy

S – Stylistic

P – Physical

I – Indianapolis

R – Random

A – Artsy

D – Dumb

O – Oh Shit! (NOTE: an “Oh Shit” challenge can only be selected after a team has won 8 weeks straight. It’s the final boss.)

The audience votes on each set, the votes are tallied, and a winner is declared. The winning team returns the next week to defend their title. Those rare few who become Inspirado champions are remembered in the annals of improv history for all of time.

New updates on Inspirado can be found at the Inspirado Blog.

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